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Flash Professional Basics

Experience Design

We don't design web pages or interactive CD's. We design experiences.

Experiences are at the heart of our lives. Unfortunately moving them from the personal and emotional realm to digital media is difficult at best.

ScreamA roller coaster is a good example. This image taken from a site dealing with roller coasters does evoke an emotional response, but the response is different from viewer-to-viewer as we react through the filter of our personal roller coaster experiences. In this manner the experience of the site is not consistent. Our job is to give each viewer the same experience.


FInal disasterThe example of a house falling into the ocean is another example of a "web experience". The image of the side of the cliff where the house used to be is powerful but doesn't do the job.

It isn't an image of a hole in a cliff that makes it an experience.

It is the phone call- the 'multi" in multimedia-that makes the experience so compelling and engaging.


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The Lecture

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The Assignment:

You have all shared the same experience- arriving at Humber College.

Describe how you would design a page to give someone reading the page for the first time the opportunity to share in this new experience with you.

Length: 500 to 750 words.

Due: Next class.

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