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Information Design

Information is nothing more than data in context.It is how the information is designed
that provides the context.

It is ironic that our lives are lived in three dimensions , yet our communications efforts are limited to thetwo dimensions of a computer screen. This lecture, based upon Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information shows you how to provide data with a context and move it into a multidimensional space.

Starting with a toad skin and moving through history from Gallieo to the present day, you will discover how infomation design has evolved and its importance in our lives. Along the way we will be reviewing the John Gotti trial, disovering how 1 = 1 = 3 and exploring the use and abuse of color in the design of information.

We will examine how sunspots started the field of Information Design and examine the priciple of Small Multiples and how it got John Gotti convicted.We will look at Tufte's Principals of Layering and Separation, Joseph Albers' "1 +1 = 3 or More" and Edouard Imhof's "Cartographic Relief Presentation" and how they can help our design efforts.

The Assignment:

You all have experienced a web site "sucks".Using what we have discussed in class, tell me:

Length: 500 to 750 words.

Due: Next class.

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